How to sew well?

It is possible to learn to sew from scratch through cell phone applications. Start working now and earn your own money.

Once you start working with sewing, you will see that there is a universe of things that you can explore from fashion itself, such as the possibility of repairing your own clothes or personalizing them. Thus, we will leave you here some important tips if you want to continue in this area.

What are the main tips for those who want to start sewing?

We already clarified that sewing work can open many doors for those who want to work in fashion and earn money. Therefore, it is important that you follow the following tips:

1. Buy a good sewing machine

If you want to start in the universe of sewing, a good machine is the first investment you will need to have. But remember to choose a machine whose basic functions are according to your own level of sewing skills.

That will make your life easier as you dedicate yourself to learning and evolving in that area. Later, when you have more skills, you can invest in a machine with more complex functions.

2. Materials

Acquiring basic materials to work with is essential in the process. You will need needles, scissors, pins, tape measure and thread. Only with those materials can you start doing your work.

3. Use of templates

Without molds, your work may be a little more complicated. So, it is very important that you learn to use them so that you can do more precise work and make your projects become real.

4. Start with the basics

A mistake that many beginners make is wanting to start doing very complex tasks. It will be of no use to you to want to do the impossible. You need to take your time and learn the basics so you can advance to the complex, and that is done over time.

That way, you better start making projects like pillows, scarves or small bags. Eventually, you will be making party dresses, if that is your desire.

Fuente Emporio dos Tecidos
Fountain Emporio dos Tídos

What materials can I start working with?

Now that you have read all the tips, you need to start preparing your sewing kit to start working. For that, we leave you a list that will help you. You will need to:

1. A sewing machine;

2. Sewing needles;

3. Threads;

4. Scissors;

5. Tape measure;

6. Tailor's chalk;

7. Iron;

8. Fabrics and Patchwork;

9. Molds

Do you like the idea of starting to sew? Now that you have everything you need, it's time to start your work. The only thing you will have to do is choose one of the applications that we indicated above and it will start doing your work.

Have you not downloaded the applications yet and want to know how to do it?

We will remind you now!

The main applications are:

1. Easy Sewing;

2. Tutorials to learn to sew;

3. SOS Sewing.

The three applications are available for download from the App Store or the PlayStore.

Aplicación Costura Fácil (Fuente Google Play)
Easy Sewing Application (Source Google Play)

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