What is the Edutin Academy hairdressing course?

There are many opportunities to work as a hairdresser. Take this online course and learn the main techniques.

How can I access the Edutin Academy Hairdressing course? We explain everything you need to know

Registration for the free Edutin Academy hairdressing course is now open! Sign up and start realizing your dream.

If you are thinking of entering the universe of hair beauty, then your best opportunity has arrived.

This hairdressing course has been completely structured using educational resources that are shared on YouTube under the YouTube Standard License.

Therefore, it is completely free and teaches students to develop hair cutting and dyeing services, shaving, waxing and also the main techniques for developing nail care, manicure and pedicure.

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What do I learn in the Edutin Academy course?

This course is designed to teach students how to:

  • Assimilate all the basic concepts related to hairdressing and also barbering. This helps to understand the logic of the barber's and hairdresser's actions;
  • Understand and apply the most current techniques associated with hair cutting;
  • Know and know how to apply the most current techniques associated with manicure and pedicure;
  • Know and understand the techniques associated with shaving and also hair removal.
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Who is this Edutin Academy hairdressing course for?

This course is aimed at all hairdressers, professionals, housewives, students and in general all types of people who are interested in learning this profession and starting to work.

Is the market for hairdressers promising?

Although it seems that the market already has many professionals, beauty work is always in fashion, since people are always concerned with their physical appearance. For that reason, the hairdressing area is quite promising for those who want to work with it.

The most important thing is to have the capacity and conditions to convey credibility and there will always be job opportunities, whether working for someone else or opening your own hair salon. If you are well qualified, in a short time, you will have many clients.

Earnings will depend on the time you invest working, which means it may vary, but everything will depend on your own effort.

For that reason, it is worth learning about the course for hairdressers and discovering if that is really your profile.

Curso de Peluquería (Reproducción: Internet)
Hairdressing Course (Reproduction: Internet)

Can I take this course for free?

Many people do not believe, but the answer to that question is yes. All courses available on the Edutin Academy platform are completely free to access.

In addition, these courses include the option of obtaining a certificate of study to demonstrate your learning and so that you can prove that you completed the course. In that case, you will need to pay a fee that will be adjusted to the economy of your country.

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What do Edutin Academy courses include?

As we already clarified, Edutin Academy courses are virtual and of excellent quality. The courses include videos, readings, activities, evaluations and various practical projects that are based on different real-life situations, which helps students put into practice all the knowledge they learn in the course.

How can I obtain my studies certificate?

As we talked about previously, the course is free if you don't want to have the certificate at the end.

However, if you are interested in the certificate, you must register and select the “study with certificate” option, paying a fee that will be adjusted to the economy of your country.

You will also need to pass the course with a minimum grade that can be awarded your certification.

How and where can I register?

If you are interested in this opportunity, then we want to tell you how you can sign up. Click below to see our latest article that will direct you to your registration.

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