What is the Pension for Seniors?

The Pension for the Well-being of the Elderly is a program of the Mexican government that seeks to offer quality of life to that population.

What is the Pension for the Well-being of the Elderly program? We explain everything you need to know

This program is nothing more than an initiative that the Government of Mexico implemented in order to provide more consistent economic support to adults over 68 years of age who are in a vulnerable situation in the country.

Those adults over 65 years of age who live in municipalities that are members of indigenous communities are also contemplated. This ensures that these people can have a more dignified standard of living and a higher quality of life.

It is important to clarify that this pension is based on the principles of social justice and equity, since we all know that older adults contributed to the development of the country throughout their lives and now need to have more comfort to have a peaceful old age.

The monthly financial support is $4,812 Mexican pesos and, in addition to that, the program also offers other services of extreme importance for this age group, such as free medical care and psychological support.

Pensión Para Adultos Mayores
Pension for Seniors

What are the main characteristics of the Pension for the Well-being of the Elderly?

In addition to the features already mentioned, there are other important informations about this benefit:

  • Older adults or responsible family members can request it at the community care and development centers of the Welfare Secretariat. It can also be done through visits made by the personnel who work in that program;
  • There are no income limits to be eligible, that is, anyone over 65 or 68 years of age, whether man or woman, according to the situations specified above, can apply, regardless of their income;
  • Older adults with disabilities are also included in the program and can receive the benefit;
  • This pension cannot be accumulated with other aid or other government pensions;
  • The program has already produced many changes in the lives of older Mexican adults, since the reduction in poverty in this age group has already been noted since its inception until today, mainly due to access not only to money, but also to programs of health.

How are payments made?

We remember that payments for this benefit are made every two months, that is, it is a bimonthly payment.

In this way, we clarify that the bimonthly payments for the second semester of this year of 2023 will take place as follows:

  • July-August two-month period: the payment will be 4,812 pesos and was deposited in the month of July;
  • September-October bimester: this payment will have the same amount and will be paid in the month of September;
  • November-December two-month period: The balance of payments for the last two days of the month of 2024 will be available to beneficiaries in the month of November.

How and where can I enroll in the Pension Program for the Well-being of the Elderly?

 As we clarified previously, this program is of great importance for the elderly of this country, since they need to have a dignified life while they reach old age and are already more tired.

In this way, we want to bring the main information about the registration process so that you can make yours through the Wellness Care Module that is closest to your home or also through the home visits carried out by the Secretariat staff. of Wellbeing.

Thus, if you are interested in registering to enjoy this benefit, we will leave you a guide that will guide you through the details of documentation and also the main requirements to meet so that your application is successfully accepted.

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