How to apply for the Welfare of People with Permanent Disabilities?

The Pension Program for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities is a Mexican government initiative.

The Pension for the Welfare of the Elderly It is a right that protects disabled people of different ages in Mexico, since they suffer from low economic conditions due to various difficulties, such as finding a job.

The program began operating in the country in 2020, after its approval in 2019.

If you are interested in registering to receive bimonthly financial aid from the government in the value of $2,950 Mexican pesos, we will now explain the main requirements so that you can register and start benefiting from this program.

Main requirements to access the Pension for the Welfare of People with Permanent Disabilities

It is important to clarify here that there are different types of requirements in the event that the applicant is the older adult themselves to receive the benefit or in the event that the application is made by a family member.

In this way, we clarify that the documents necessary to register include official identification, proof of address and the Disability Certificate.

Next, we clarify everything:

Applicant with Permanent Disability:

  • Legible birth certificate;
  • Valid Identification Document: voting lisense either valid passport either card, professional card, INAPAM credential or identity letter);
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) with recent printing;
  • Proof of address no more than 6 months old (telephone, electricity, gas, water or property) or proof of residence from the local authority;
  • Disability Certificate issued by a public health institution;
  • Contact telephone number to follow up on your procedure.

Applicants Adults Auxiliaries

  • Valid Identification Document: Voting credential or valid passport or Credential of the National Institute of Older Persons (INAPAM) or other documents that prove identity issued by the corresponding authority;
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP);
  • Proof of address (maximum 6 months old) or proof of residence from the local authority;
  • Document that proves the relationship with the person with permanent disability.

How do I register to participate?

Below we indicate the steps to follow so you can register:

  • Check if you meet all the requirements;
  • Gather all the documents indicated above;
  • Make a visit to the Wellness Care Module that is closest to your home on the days that correspond to the first letter of your last name;
  • Fill out the application that they will give you there. Provides all requested information accurately;
  • Deliver all requested documents;
  • Wait for them to be evaluated so that you have an answer;
  • Afterwards, you will receive a notification informing you if you have been accepted or if there is still missing information to complete;
  • If the answer is positive, withdraw your bank card corresponding to the account in which your pension will be deposited bimonthly;
  • Finally, receive your pension and keep your information updated in the program system in case they need to contact you in any change situation.

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