What is the Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy?

The Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy can be a great help for people who have stopped working involuntarily.

What is the Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy? We explain everything you need to know

It is very important to clarify that this government program plays a very important role for the social protection of many of Spain's citizens in times of economic crisis or exceptional atypical situations, since it provides financial security and helps support people and their families. families in periods of prolonged unemployment or while facing any adverse economic situation.

Another importance is that it also reduces poverty in the country and contributes to economic stability while providing essential economic support to those in need.

In this way, we clarify that the Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy is an essential measure for a country like Spain and if you are at that moment in your life, you will be able to benefit from it.

The duration, requirements and level of coverage may vary due to different situations and ongoing government policies, but, in the same way, its function is to provide fundamental support to all that needed in times of difficulty.

Below, we will clarify more details about the benefit, the characteristics of the beneficiaries, its duration and other important details.

Subsidio Extraordinario por Desempleo
Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy

Who are the beneficiaries?

According to the General Law of Social Security (TRLGSS), only people who are in any of the following situations will be able to access the benefit:

  • Those who have last extinguished due to exhaustion any of the unemployment benefits provided for in article 274 of TRLGSS as of the date of 07/05/2018 and also all those who have exhausted it between 03/01/2018 and 07/04/2018;
  • People who are long-term unemployed and who have exhausted other unemployment benefits, such as PREPARA, or RAI and were registered as job seekers on the date of 05/01/2018.

What is a long-term standing person?

This is considered to be those people who have remained registered as a job seeker for at least 360 days in the eighteen months immediately preceding the date of the request for the extraordinary subsidy.

What is the Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy? - In summary

The main characteristics of this benefit are:

  • It is granted to people who lost their jobs and are now in a vulnerable situation due to not having income;
  • It is mandatory to not be employed as an employee to be able to access the benefit;
  • This is government aid and the maximum duration is 180 days;
  • It can be requested in person or by phone.

What value do beneficiaries receive?

The amount of this subsidy varies according to the situation of the person requesting it. But, in the same way, it is generally established as a percentage of 80% of the Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM). Although it is an amount lower than the beneficiary's previous salary, it still helps cover basic expenses.

How and where do I apply for the Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy?

This benefit is of great importance for those people who are in the vulnerable situation described and who cannot support themselves or even their families.

For that reason, we want to clarify all the steps so that you can make your request and we already anticipate that they are not complex if you follow all the instructions.

Thus, if you are interested in requesting yours, we now leave you a guide that will guide you and explain all the most important details about how to proceed and all the main requirements that you must meet to have your application accepted.

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