How to request the 400 Euro Cultural Bonus?

The 400 euro Cultural Bonus is a government initiative to encourage 18-year-olds to consume more cultural products.

The Cultural Bonus 400 euros It was approved in 2022 and will offer help so that 18-year-olds begin to value and consume more culture in general. The beneficiaries will have a period of one year to use the money.

The purpose behind all of this is also to help the cultural sector gain strength again after having been weakened by the pandemic. In other words, the country believes that young people are the hope to revitalize that area.

Therefore, in total, it is believed that at least 500,000 young people throughout the country will be able to benefit from this financial and cultural aid.

It is believed that the total amount of the investment of the General State Budgets is 210 million euros.

Who can receive this help?

  • Young people who turn 18 this year, 2023, that is, those who turned 18 last year and are already turning 19 this year are outside the program and will not be able to receive;
  • Being born in Spain, being a legal resident in Spain, asylum seeker or former guardian.

Where can I use the 400 euro Cultural Bonus?

This bonus works in various businesses and entities that are members of the program. Therefore, the voucher can be used throughout the territory of Spain. To facilitate the process, it is possible to locate these establishments through the application and the official website of the Young Cultural Bonus that you can access through this link.

The information is already known that there are more than 2,934 member companies and more than 3,000 points of sale distributed in various cities physically or online.

For this reason, it is important to highlight that the 400 euro Youth Cultural Bonus only works in all those commercial establishments, companies and any other physical or virtual stores that are members of the program.

That is, if your favorite store is not there, do not hesitate to encourage it to request membership, once registration is still open for companies.

How do I request my benefit?

The benefit is requested 100% online, on the Youth Cultural Bonus page of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The deadline is open until September 30.

  • Order it yourself: From June 13 to September 30, you can order it yourself through the website using the cl@ve and the basic or advanced registration or digital certificate.
  • If you are already 18 years old at the time of requesting the bonus, then you can do it through any of the digital identification methods. What is recommended is Cl@ve with basic registration, which you can request and obtain by video call.
  • If you have not turned 18 at the time of requesting the bonus, you can only request Cl@ve with advanced registration and you must do so in person at an office. Instructions are available on the official website.

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