How to apply for the Human Development Opportunities Program?

The Human Development Program: Oportunidades helps Mexican families in poverty to have access to health and education.

This program is implemented at the national level and is based on the targeting system that acts to identify which families are most in need and where they are located.

Thus, over the years, it has achieved quite positive results in terms of reducing poverty, improving health and education and promoting more sustainable rural development.

In this way, the program has achieved the possibility of improving the living conditions of countless Mexican families in addition to offering opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and also the lack of access to the most basic health and education services.

Know the main requirements to request this help and APPLY!

It is important to know that this social program:

  • It is focused on boys, girls and adolescents between 6 and 17 years and 11 months of age who are living in situations of psychosocial risks;
  • Individuals who live in conditions of addictions, child or adolescent pregnancy, sexual abuse, migration, homelessness or conflicts with the law can apply;
  • All people interested in enrolling in this program must prepare to attend some socio-informative workshops, in addition to other cultural and training activities, as requested;
  • They must also be ready for times when they will receive pedagogical, legal, medical, social or psychological help.

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How can I join the program?

All those interested in joining the Human Development Program: Oportunidades must present a socioeconomic study that is carried out by the Oportunidades staff.

It is important that families know that they must have their capital income calculated below the minimum welfare action line and that they still have members under 22 years of age who are studying.

It is also important to be in a chosen location known to be a space of marginalization and to be, at the same time, close to primary and secondary schools as well as a health clinic.

Another fundamental step is to have applied the survey to identify the homes that require assistance from this program.

Finally, it will be necessary to attend all medical appointments and training workshops on self-care, as we clarified previously.

Children and young people from all families also need to register so that they systematically attend school, whether primary, secondary or high school. It is important to note that, if they do not attend school or do not visit the health center regularly, the benefit may be suspended temporarily or permanently.

To sign up for registration, it is necessary to make a free call to the number 01-800-500-50-50 or through the official site by clicking on this link.

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